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Energy Solutions in a Time of Crisis
By Albert K. White


October 04, 2008

For over 15 years there has been a private entity looking to partner to help meet KGB and Ketchikan's Energy needs. This alternative energy source would have allowed for back-up energy should it be needed in the future.

About 8 years ago the private entity who controlled the land capable of supplementing the communities need tried to work together with the government controlled monopoly to meet the need for energy in the community until the Swan Tyee Inter-tie came into play.

It was evident that diesel generation was not a cost effective fall back. This new alternative energy source was viewed as a win/win for all in the community. The calculated savings would have been close to 30 million over 10 years allowing the inter-tie to become a reality.
There was only one problem... Elected officials chose not to partner because they could do it themselves at your cost. We still have some those officials and managment working today.

Well here we are today, underfunded for the inter-tie, short on energy production, and paying all time highs for diesel fuel. To top it off it has been determined that even when the inter-tie is finished it will not provide sufficient energy in the future. Why you ask, well fuel is at an all time high and residents in KGB and Ketchikan are switching over to electric heat from diesel. Now demand will surley be higher than supply and you know what that means, another rate hike.

The sad thing is all the residents who pay an electric bill now would have been paying a lot less had elected officials found a way to partner with this alternitive energy source 8 years ago to make it work for you. We would have been ahead of the game, the Inter-tie would be complete, and energy wouldn't be such a major issue.

It's time residents in Ketchikan and KGB hold the elected officals feet to the fire and elect someone who is future focused and working for your "Real Benefit." There is no reason we should be paying high energy bills today or footing high costs because the government wants to controll your energy needs.

If your wondering what energy source i'm talking about it's Mahoney Lake; Mahoney Lake is capible of providing enough hydro-electricity to replace deisel and meet future needs, ultimatley bringing costs down. The ones willing to work together for the entire community is Cape Fox Corporation.

Those canidates interested in making a real impact in the community for the constituents to which you will serve I have a challenge for you. Here is my challenge see how many community residents are tired of paying high energy costs and are looking for a break. You just might find that energy is gonna be the issue on everyones mind.

Those voters seeking energy solutions let canidates & elected officials know we have options here and now solutions that will power the community with sufficant energy along side the Swan Tyee Intertie. Remember The interie is not enough, diesel is burning as we speak and costs continue to rise.

Together we can all prosper; United we stand, divided we fall. It's time we all let the canidates know energy solutions are critical and there are opportunities waiting to help.


Albert K. White
Saxman, AK

About: "Past Vice-Mayor Saxman City Council, Vice-President Saxman I.R.A., Current Chairman Cape Fox Corporation.

This is my personal opinion from knowledge I have gained over the years while trying to help provide real solutions to the community-at-large."

Received October 01, 2008 - Published October 04, 2008


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