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Ketchikan Harley Riders Association Holds 16th Annual Bike Show


October 25, 2007
Thursday PM

Ketchikan, Alaska - The 16th annual Ketchikan Harley Riders Association (KHRA) bike show was held this past weekend at the Ketchikan Plaza Mall. Participants displaying their rides for public viewing gathered at the Mall on Friday evening just before closing to get their bikes into the Mall and set up.

jpg Harley Riders Bike Show

Dan Jenkins and his award winning Harley Davidson Fatboy.
Photograph by Dan Hart

KHRA Vice Present Dan Hart said, "I can tell you that it is not easy to ride your bike, or bikes to the event in the rain, and then get them cleaned up and presentable in the short amount of time before the Mall closes. This year however, the weather gave us a special treat in allowing us to get to the mall on DRY ROADS!"

Hart said he had to make several trips back and forth to his house, shuttling bikes, and other miscellaneous paraphernalia. "We did get everything set up though, even though some things had to wait until Saturday morning."

The public was not disappointed said Hart. By early Saturday morning, there was lots of shiny chrome to be seen at the mall. "We had lots of bikes on display and many were judged in various categories. There were some pretty bikes there, their owner's pride, and joy. Moreover, they were all rideable and ridden here in Ketchikan," said Hart.

When the Sunday morning storm hit Ketchikan Hart said all of the riders were thinking about the stormy evening ride home. He said, "As it turned out, it was a fast moving front - almost unheard of in Ketchikan - and by afternoon, the weather was actually pretty good."

Hart said, "I want to thank everyone who participated in the show for their efforts. Even those who did not bring home plaques were winners just for entering. I know we all think we have the best ride, but we only had so many plaques."

Ketchikan Harley Riders Association is again raffling off a bike. The money raised is used on various events in the Ketchikan area, including the KHRA's annual Toy Run. Hart said, "If any of you think that you would like to ride that raffle bike home, just let me know and I will arrange to get you the tickets. Remember, there are only 4,000 tickets total! Better odds than Vegas! And, if you purchase a whole book of 20 tickets, your odds are 1 in 200."

jpg award winning Harley Davidson

Bill Kacenas and his award winning Harley Davidson Dyna.
Photograph by Dan Hart

Hart said the association will again be collecting and distributing toys to the needy young people of the Ketchikan community. If you have any donations, either new toys, or goods or services that we might be able to auction

jpg Bike Raffle

Bike Raffle: Win this bike.
Photograph by Dan Hart

The Ketchikan Harley Riders Association was formed exclusively to advance education in motorcycle safety and public service. Currently serving as president is Greg Wills. The Secretary & Acting Treasurer is Ruth Hart.

The judging results will be published on the Ketchikan Harley Riders Association's web site at



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