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Professionalism/Common Courtesy
By Jim Lowell


October 31, 2007
Wednesday AM

Having just retired from the US Navy "SeaBees" in July 2007, I had been job hunting for 6 months prior, trying to make sure I had a job I could immediately start after retirement. Oh, I had my share of rejections, and even turned down a job back home in Ketchikan (now I regret it!!!)

Even with the rejections, the employers were kind enough to send me a letter, letting me know that I was not chosen for the particular position and thanking me for applying. professional courtesy! I am however dumbfounded why, after applying for one particular job with the City of Ketchikan, I hadn't even gotten a "Sorry you're not qualified or thanks for applying" letter or even a phone call. The frustating thing is this position closed in September 2006 and was then again re-opened and is still on the City's website. Recently, I applied for a position with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, got an interview, but didn't get the job, that's fine, however no one has sent a letter or called to let me know they had selected someone else.

I have spent 22 years in uniform, professionalism and courtesy is a way of life, and given the right opportunity, I would jump at the chance to move back home to Ketchikan with my family. It would just be nice to have the professionalism and courtesy I had shown them, extended back to me, particularly from organizations who are there to serve the community and who should be setting the example.

Maybe I am complaining, or maybe it's not really necessary to be completely professional. Thanks for listening to my tirade.

Jim Lowell
Vancouver, WA

About: "Born in Ketchikan, graduated from Ketchikan High School in 1984, enlisted in the US Navy, August 1st 1984, and served 22 yrs in uniform. Retired from the US Navy July 31, 2007. Currently residing in Vancouver, Washington."

Received October 30, 2007 - Published October 31, 2007

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