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Burman's Bears
By Rhonda Bolling


October 28, 2007
Sunday PM

I wholeheartedly agree with Penny and Marty's comments on the Burman Bears story. What a fun read! Thank you Heidi Ekstrand for submitting this for us all to read. I was actually very impressed with Dr. Burman's wit and creative knack for story-telling as well. I think Outdoor Life or Outdoor Sportsman (or another big magazine) should pick this story up.

This year, out of the 12 years that I have lived in Ketchikan, is the first time I've ever seen a bear running right down the middle of South Tongass Highway. Not only did I see it one time, but three times and in broad daylight. How fun is that! I also enjoyed the neighbor dog barking almost on cue at midnight nearly every night this summer so I could run out on our upper deck to spotlight the bear walking through our yard making his rounds.

What a great place we live in that we can see bears, whales, porpoises, eagles, sea lions and all kinds of other wildlife right in our yards (or inside our vehicle in the Burmans' case).

Since we just live two miles from Herring Cove, this story has been great to forward to friends and relatives all over the United States. With the Sitnews readers, and all the people forwarding this on, it's crazy to think of how many people in how many countries have probably read this story by now. I'm guessing everyone who reads it enjoys a good laugh.

Rhonda Bolling
Ketchikan, AK

About: "A south-ender who loves to drive the 2 miles to Herring Cove to watch the bears."

Received October 25, 2007 - Published October 28, 2007

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