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By Amber Williams-Baldwin


October 28, 2007
Sunday PM

Yes, young kids do stupid stuff. But who do you think they learned it from.. or lack of learning it from? I always like to think that kids reflect their parents. So you know the hot headed football player you hated, the pretty blonde who was always better then you complex etc... these are their kids! Or that's what I like to think anyway.

I must say that it's middle age people too. Mostly at WalMart it's more the late 20's early 30's crowd who park or idle in the fire lane and who think they can park at the end of a isle because most of the lanes are full. All I'm saying is it's everyone and you might see more teens one day and more grumpy ol' timers the next. No generation is without.

I'm sure in 10 years I'll be talking about teens and those young people and their loud music, fast cars, and disrespect...

Gas here in Lakewood (south Tacoma) is $2.80 fyi.

Also as for how long you've lived in Ketchikan I think it has to do with what you remember. Like the drive-in by STS, and how packed the mall use to get like 15 years ago. Seamart even with their Costco like style that I later learned only we had. Heck wasn't there a Toys'R Us too?

And about the older politics, roads never seem to go away do they. By far I think the people who live here longer know the island more, We don't like outsiders telling us what to do and what we shouldn't because they don't know the past, they shouldn't butt into our future.

Amber Williams-Baldwin
Lakewood, WA

About: "Alaskan resident taking a hiatus from Alaska for a while while her Army husband is working. 21 year resident of Ketchikan & still voting."

Received October 25, 2007 - Published October 28, 2007


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