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Ferry Terminal Location
By Virginia E. Atkinson


October 18, 2007
Thursday PM

Sorry if I sounded angry in my previous letter, it just sounded that way, and making just a tiny error. After thinking it over for awhile it was better off the ferry terminal at Saxman was turned down, I believe a ferry terminal would be more convenient if it were situated somewhere closer to town for better access to businesses in city limits. A ferry terminal at Saxman was a bad idea to begin with, simply becuause the location is too far out of place, 'cause it's bad enough that it's a long drive to the ferry at Annette Bay. 14 miles one way (gas ain't cheap, you know). A ferry terminal closer to city limits on Ketchikan side would be better for all communters. But what's the point in being so picky when space is so limited, or so they say.

I use to think it would be even more convenient if a bridge were connected between Annette Bay and Ketchikan, but after all the hype and arguments and pros and cons it created for the past few years, the bridge to the airport didn't fair too well with Ketchikan residents, so the idea of a bridge from Annette Bay to Ketchikan would probably turn out the same.

I still don't understand what's so bad about bridges? It seem to work everywhere else. Sure it is costly, and so is driving a car, and many people do that every single day. It's so plain to see that many Alaska residents are still not ready for that kind of change and probably never will be.

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK

About: " Long time resident of Metlakatla."

Received October 16, 2007 - Published October 18, 2007


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