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On My Soapbox
By Sharri Davis


October 18, 2007
Thursday PM

I never thought I would be writing anything like this but here it goes. Wednesday, after shopping, I walked to my car so I can go back and get my sister, nephew and the groceries. I pulled into the pick up area and this young man was sitting in his parked car. I honked the horn in case he did not see me or hear me move in. He did not acknowledge the honk, so I honked again to let him know I was behind him waiting to move in to get my groceries. Right then, he flipped me off by giving me the middle finger. I then got out of my car and asked him to move so I can get my groceries and go home. He refused to move. I told him the second time, move your car so I can get my groceries and go home. Right then, he said no and said a few other choice words which got me mad. Granted, I lost my cool when I should not have but I did. Words were exchanged. I told him, I am waiting to get my groceries again, he said, "So am I." Right then a young woman walks out of the store, carrying a small bag, gets into the car and still, he just sat there. More words were exchanged, (again, I know better) he then backed up and tried hitting me with his car. I looked at his plates so I can call it in, the car had Virgina license plate. I reported it to the police and the store assistant manager.

The main thing to this is . . . why is it the young people these days will park and block the entry way by Safeway and think nothing of it. The handicapped people walk further than these young people ever did. I am tired of seeing this happen time and time again, people blocking the entry way with their cars while their friends run in for just a "minute" while people have to walk around their cars. I have seen one instance where young people were parked there, the bus with elderly people and handicapped people pulled in but did these young people move so the elderly and handicapped can get into the store, no. I walked over there to tell them they should move so the elderly and handicapped people can go shopping. One of them flipped me off but they eventually moved. I was embarassed for these young people. We were not raised that way, what is wrong with this generation of young people.

While I am on my soap box . . . THE GAS PRICES! WHOA, they are up again. They go up faster than they go down. The gas stations have us where they want us and they know it. While gas prices were going down elsewhere, the gas price remained the same as it was before. Then soon as the prices started rising, the prices here started rising just as fast! Why is it that the gas prices here in this town will rise faster than go down like they do in the lower 48. Even the gas prices in Anchorage were cheaper than here. I have not been to Juneau in ages so I do not know the gas price there but I am sure someone knows.

Sharri Davis
Ketchikan, AK


About: "Correctional officer"

Received October 18, 2007 - Published October 18, 2007


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