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Mayor Williams Owes an Apology
By Gregory Vickrey


October 18, 2007
Thursday PM

During the Ketchikan Borough Assembly meeting this week, Mayor Joe Williams openly, angrily, and loudly attacked a member of the public speaking during the open portion of the meeting known as public comment. As Mary Lynn Dahl spoke her thoughts, Mayor Williams interrupted her and lambasted her perspective with a level of disrespect that should be unacceptable at the table.

Mayor Williams owes the public at large and Mary Lynn Dahl a public apology. He must take responsibility for his display of disrespectful and embarrassing behavior. As Glen Thompson pointed out during the meeting, Mayor Williams has admonished others at the table for being disrespectful towards members of the public, yet the Mayor seems convinced that in his role as community 'leader' he can say and do as he pleases. I disagree and hope you do as well.

This sort of behavior seems to be a trend with Mayor Williams. In the past he has ridiculed other members of the public, and has been quoted as being "violently opposed" to things. Violent? What does violence, ridicule, and irresponsibility have to do with leadership?

Should the Mayor choose not to apologize publicly, perhaps he should take the other high road and resign. When Mayor Williams ran for office, he ran under the motto, "He is all about leadership". I believed that he meant it at the time and supported his candidacy, yet have seen little consistent evidence of that leadership over the two years since. Given his latest embarrassing attack on a member of the public, I have little faith we will see consistent leadership during the rest of his tenure. During the actual outburst he justified his poor behavior because he said he was representing the 35 people working at the veneer plant. When I voted for him, I assumed I was supporting a 'leader' that would strive to represent the entire population of Ketchikan, not 35 members of it. Clearly, I was wrong.

Please encourage the Mayor to apologize for his poor behavior and ask him to work to end the culture of adversity that exists between the Assembly and the community. That is what 'leaders' do - they accept responsibility.

Gregory Vickrey
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Gregory Vickrey voted for Mayor Williams when he was elected."

Received October 18, 2007 - Published October 18, 2007


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