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South Tongass Project & Ferry Terminal
By Robert McRoberts


October 15, 2007
Monday PM

My last letter was only to get the point out why it is that I am not happy with the South Tongass fire station project. Small contractors need a few bigger jobs. We can not make it on small stuff and the big out-of-towners do not usually mess with them. Some of us have everything invested and sometimes we pay just to have our jobs.

Sorry, I just feel that money could have been better used in engineering of the site, test holes and so on to put together a good project for next season. Schoenbar Fire station --point made. The same people that told the governor we do not need anything but the 400 million dollar bridge are running this too. Oh but we could have settled for two new traffic ferries and terminal upgrades. I bet you we could have had them. Please don't let the new guy get sucked into the dark side of the KGB.

Sorry guys just when you go make a big mess in my view, clean it up, I would. And thanks for the nice view of the sewer plant. I bet my property tax will not come down. And thanks for the silt fence maybe all the culverts did not fill up with mud. Remember you're liable were your dumping the fill too. At least a contractor is. Maybe I just felt that job had my name on it. I made my point and I will go back too what I know best and quit crying.

I was kind of sad that Saxman voted down the land sale it may have brought in some good sale taxes and chances for other business to start up there. But now they have to build a new site and that means work for dirt diggers. Closer to town is probably better for the walk on, they might be pretty tired after walking all the way to town. I am sure it would be good for bus traffic. But then what's the chance the ferry would hit the bus schedule? Nobody ever said if the ferry terminal was going to get water and sewer -- Saxman or Mountain Point. That could have cost Saxman to upgrade for the terminal. I do not think the state would make us use a porta-potty like the airport. But I could be wrong. Who cares.

Well that's another day right here in paradise -- and if it's not paradise why do so many people come here?

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 13, 2007 - Published October 15, 2007


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