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South Tongass Mud Bogg
By Robert McRoberts


October 10, 2007

I am sending this to Sitnews hoping all the right people read this. I am going to try calling the Mayor too about the work that is going on -- it is not legal and is becoming a real big mess. I was at my property last week located on the corner of Roosevelt and Seawatch Lane which is directly across from this big mess. That's when I noticed South Tongass Fire Department volunteers digging up dirt and piling it up to turn it into mud.

I asked how they could start this work on something that has not came out for bid. Chief Davis told me that they had only gotten $100,000. to work with and they were going to volunteer their time. They wanted me to help. This is when I thought that this was wrong. As a general contractor myself I know there is insurance involved. Who is libel if someone gets hurt, we the people of KGB.

I was also told by Chief Davis that they got their Army Corp permit in only a week. Man if they were only that fast with the rest of us.

I recommended they put up some silt fencing since it was a government job. I see he didn't care for my suggestion. They just keep hauling mud out of there and making messes. One day Seawatch Drive was a mud bog all the way up to the corner. Do you think they would even take their water truck over there and wash it off for us? Sorry -- I had to pay for that pavement and that makes me mad. Last night a friend called me asking about that project, he told me it was a big mess out by his house too. How can this group not abide by what the government would make us abide by? This work must stop now.

As a contractor that is very good at this type of work, I would have never gone in there and dug that up like that. I would have not stirred up all that mud. I would have just worked my way in, taken some dirt out and brought in some rock fill and kept it clean. These guys do not seem to care or understand.

You are taking work away from qualified people that need the work not some one who has a job already and can afford to take time off to work for nothing. This would be high paying jobs for our community and I thought that was what the borough was looking for.

Stop this project. I thought there was supposed to be a buffer zone between us. Well there's not one any more. I feel lied too and I just know the fire sirens will come on the minute the door opens up not when they hit the highway as I was told.

Chief Davis quit flexing your power on us.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK


Received October 11, 2007 - Published October 11, 2007



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