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Missing Money
By Jerilyn Lester


October 10, 2007

To address Mr. Hoff and his misguided thanks to Gov. Palin, the bridge was always to the Airport not to someone else's land. The folks opposed to it managed to keep that out of the public's eyes and then Ketchikan will not see a penny of the money that was allocated. The Govenor and her friends on the mainland have already stolen $199 million and the other $34 million is up for grabs and the people that it was meant for will not see any of it. Of that I am sure and if we actually do see any of it, it probably won't even be enough to finish one of the projects that we have started on the roads.

I hope you are happy when and if you, Mr Hoff or your supporters, come up and can't get on the ferry because it is full or because the wind is blowing too badly for them to run, and have to stand in the rain and wind to get to this side or to attempt to catch the last plane out of town. Good luck.

To Govenor Palin, I wrote you about this and you sent a form letter back thanking me for my opinion but have not addressed this issue or the missing money. I will again say: "If the tag falls of the present under the tree, does that mean that it isn't still your gift?" I for one would like to know where the money has gone.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

About: "25 year resident of Alaska and disappointed voter."

Received October 08, 2007 - Published October 10, 2007


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