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Saxman Seaport Sale
By Rob Holston


October 07, 2007
Sunday PM

The city of Saxman has rejected the State's proposal to purchase the Saxman Seaport to serve as a ferry terminal for the MV Lituya connecting to the Waldon Point Road. This "no" vote is most unfortunate because the location could well be the best location for the proposed two island inter-tie and also the Pennock Island and south Gravina Island "Four Island" Terminal.

Saxman is now left with a run-down expensive piece of waterfront property that produces little income and would require great investment to become profitable.

It is time for Saxman and the state to re-think this proposed sale. I suggest a model that may well serve other communities in similar circumstances:

Saxman should sell to the state;

Proceeds ($25,000,000*) to be invested by the state PFD Division,
PFD Division pools this amount with other PFD investments,
As with the PFD, Saxman's principal amount would grow &...... Saxman or its residents would receive the extra Dividend(s).


Saxman to require local hire(Saxman residents)at the terminal,
Saxman to require plans to include restaurant and other retail space in conjunction with the terminal with lease preference given to Saxman residents at nominal fees. The result will be guaranteed extra dividends and guaranteed jobs for Saxman.

*This is a guess at fair market value for this property, but at whatever amount the selling price is, I know that the PFD Division does a great job of investment and disbursement. This plan is a way for Saxman to have their cake and eat it too, year after year and generation after generation.

Saxman & Alaska, please get back to the bargaining table with a new plan, perhaps this plan.

Rob Holston
Ketchikan, AK

About: "PFD recipient from day "ONE"."

Received October 06, 2007 - Published October 07, 2007


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