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Build on the Library
By Don Hoff Jr.


October 07, 2007
Sunday PM

Following the discussion of a new library or expanding the old library in Ketchikan, Alaska, I was told that the Ketchikan Library was designed for expansion; a strong foundation was designed for the building for it to go upward with more floors. This will keep the Library in its beautiful location by the Ketchikan Creek. Just by adding one floor for the Library will accommodate all the new books and add one more floor for the museum, which I always thought was too small for all the history Ketchikan has to show.

And also; I have always thought that the City of Ketchikan should build another City Hall building where the "old Main School" property was on top of the hill overlooking downtown Ketchikan. If anyone needs a new building in Ketchikan, City Council and local government offices are needed. I was always annoyed by the street and car noises interrupting our Council meetings. Design and build a New City Hall that everyone can be proud of.

It is my opinion, keep the Ketchikan Library where it is and build on it. Plus, it will keep downtown alive and you will have plenty of parking to visit the newly remodel Library.

Don Hoff Jr.
Taan ta Kwaan
Gaanax adi Clan
Raven House /Drifting to Shore House
Hixson, TN

About:" Past Vice Mayor and City Council- City of Ketchikan. Past Board of Directors - K.P.U. Past I.R.A. Council - Ketchikan Indian Corporation. Past O.S.H.A. Review Board Chairman - State of Alaska."

Received October 06, 2007 - Published October 07, 2007



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