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Covered Sports Arena . . . Dream on.
By Chris Barry


October 01, 2007
Monday PM

Do people honestly believe the whole 'if you build it they will come' thing? Number one, yes it would be nice to have a place to use for sports year round. Number two, who are we gonna play? Just because we have a place for our athletes to practice year-round, doesn't mean that everyone elses' athletes can also practice year round.

Also, how are you going to pay for this arena? Are you going to charge the locals $10 to see their kids play ball? How about everyone else that enjoys watching the games, but aren't willing to dish out the extra dough to watch? Last time I went to an open air school event that charged an admission fee, I dished out $20 for the family to get in. How much will a covered arena cost?

I'm not saying it's a stupid idea, I just think it is very far-fetched and believe there are many out there that would agree with me. I would love for Ketchikan to have a nice field to play on. Turf is cool. It can be played on in all weather as long as the field is built correctly. Just look at BSU's blue smurf-turf.

My thought is that before we go about trying to build some covered sports arena, maybe we should just start with a nice turf field with real bleachers and lights and facilities and THEN see if we attract any attention.

Chris Barry
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Just another Ketchikan transplant"

Received October 01, 2007 - Published October 01, 2007


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