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October 27, 2006
Friday AM

On October 30, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) will begin mailing out 47,000 printed surveys to a sample of 10% of fishing license holders, both resident and non-resident. Called the Statewide Harvest Survey, the questionnaire covers all of Alaska, from Prudhoe Bay to the Southeast Panhandle, and asks anglers where and when they sport fished in Alaska, and how many fish they kept and released in 2006.

Survey responses are used by ADF&G researchers and managers to evaluate the sport fisheries, and to provide guidance to the Alaska Board of Fisheries in the development of management plans.

Researchers in other agencies, Alaskan recreational anglers, as well as visitors from the Lower 48 and from around the world also use the survey results to plan fishing trips and business ventures, and to quote in fishing publications. So if you're one of the lucky recipients of the survey, it will be one of the ways you can contribute to improving the information that fishery managers, and others, depend on.

The survey comes in booklet form, with maps for every part of the state. Because our state is large, the booklet is also large, but the survey is easy to fill out. Anglers find their fishing spots on the map, then turn to that section of the booklet and write in their fishing information. There is space in the front of the booklet to include notes and comments. A postage-paid envelope accompanies the survey to help with the return.

Survey results for past years are posted on the Division of Sport Fish home page at, under "Sport Fishing Survey Results."


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