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September Ketchikan's Second Rainiest Month In 2006
By Dick Kauffman


October 07, 2006

Ketchikan, Alaska - September was indeed one of the rainiest months of 2006 in Ketchikan. According to information provided by the Federal Aviation Flight Service Station at Ketchikan International Airport, there were 24 days of precipitation in September for a total of 18.36 inches of rainfall recorded for the month. The month's rainiest day was September 9th with 3.26 inches of precipitation recorded on that day.




As of today's date, September ranks second this year as the month with the highest amount of rainfall for 2006 with April ranking first with a total of 19.56 inches for the month. Thus far this year, March 2006 has recorded the least amount of rainfall with a total for the month of 4.23 inches.

From January 2006 through September 2006, there have been 189 days with precipitation in Ketchikan and a total of 100.46 inches for the nine month period.

The highest amount of rainfall on record for the month of September was recorded in 1912 at 28.07 inches. The most rain on any one day during September occurred on September 22, 1949 with 7.55 inches of rainfall recorded on that one day, according to the National Weather Service Alaska Region Headquarters' unofficial reports.

During September 2006, the highest daily temperature recorded in Ketchikan was 64º on September 14th by the Flight Service Station - four degrees below the average for the month. The lowest daily temperature of 35º was recorded on September 15th - seven degrees below September's average low of 42º.

The National Weather Service Alaska Region Headquarters notes Ketchikan's unofficial record high temperature for September tied - with 80º recorded on September 1, 1918, and 80º recorded on September 4, 1949. Ketchikan's lowest temperature on record was recorded on September 28, 1971 at 23º.

Around the state, the Alaska Climate Research Center Geophysical Institute reported warmer than normal temperatures prevailed for September this year over mainland Alaska. Along with the warmth, there also was dryness with less than normal precipitation. Only areas in the Panhandle and Southwest reported below normal temperatures for the month. Precipitation was above normal for areas along the Bering Sea coast, parts of Southcentral Alaska, and the Panhandle.

The autumnal equinox occurred on September 22 at 8:03 p.m. The autumnal equinox marks the date at which daylight and darkness hours are approximately equal all across the globe.

Alaska Climate Research Center reported that temperatures recorded at the Juneau airport this September were close to climatology with a monthly average of 50.2 degrees Fahrenheit, just a 0.2-degree above average. The daily temperature ranges at mid-month were quite large, as the monthly high and low of 64 degrees and 30 degrees both occurred on September 15. The low was a new record minimum for this date. Again, on September 16, the low was 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but was not a record for this date. Precipitation for the month was near record-setting, with 13.01 inches, about two inches shy of the record, and 7.54 inches more than normal for September (the second wettest month behind October).


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