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Missing lumber
By John Stewart


October 30, 2006

For many years I maintained a wood shop in Waterfront storage on the second level. I had additional space for drying and storing lumber on the third level. On September 8, 2006 I discovered the loss of a large amount of my stock from the third floor area.

This stock had been custom cut for me from a pair of very large Alders and air dried for over two years. It had been milled at 2-1/4 thick and when possible including the live edge (Bark attached) to maximize usefulness for my purposes. The stock ranged in length from about 8 feet to 12 feet , except eight pieces roughly 4 feet with natural curved grain showing ; four of which are full flitch (bark to bark edge). The lumber remained rough-cut(unplaned)and had a nominal thickness of 2" dried. This is a very unusual store of lumber in prime condition that I expended considerable time and effort to obtain with specific projects in mind. I hope that one of your readers will have knowledge of what became of my lumber and contact me (247-2305). I will assume an honest mistake and reward the return of my material with some small piece of custom made furniture, no questions asked, for the person responsible for the return.

Thank you,

John Stewart
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 30, 2006 - Published October 30, 2006

About: "40+ year resident; Shipwright/cabinetmaker"



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