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By Robert Glenn


October 28, 2006

I am a Naysayer to the bridge, but I am on of those who have actually lived in Ketchikan, used the airport, the ferries and know the area.

Here is my position.

I flew a lot as I worked for the marine highway and most of the time I was there had to fly to Juneau. I only 1 time in a number of years ever missed a flight out. And the reason was not the ferries, it was because the weather was not cooperative for the flight to land. Never have I had any problem with the ferry, never did I get so wet that I was in constant misery...(anymore then just dealing with the normal constant rain.)

So now they want this bridge for supposed easier access to the airport. But having this bridge is not going to make planes land. Also the direction of the bridge is going to have a strong possibility to cross winds. Most of the year winds are SE. I would be willing to bet there are going to be times you may miss a flight because out of safety this bridge will have to be shut due to high winds.

Think about that.

I have moved on from Ketchikan. I now live in NYC. And there are span bridges everywhere, as tall and long as the KTN/Gravina and these bridges on occasion are closed due to high winds. Look at the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan, cars have been flung off it.

And people in Ketchikan may tell me to mind my own business, just like they have to others. And here is my response to that. This is our business, because out side of the 8-12 thousand people in Ketchikan there is an entire country paying taxes that will be going to your bridge. Is it fair for us to be paying for this bridge that will cater to so few people? How will this bridge spur growth when you can't even drive to Ketchikan? But see a lot of the politicians and the other 300 million Americans may not be so familiar with this area, this bridge. Most people don't know KTN is on an island. The politicians are believing Ted and Don because these guys have tantrums when things don't go as they like.

Deep down, do you really feel this bridge is necessary for Ketchikan? I don't dispute KTN getting the money, why not it is America right? But I think it should be used for something that affects all the citizens, not a few.

It is too bad it can't be used to keep kids in school, keep them away from Drug and Alcohol, maybe teach how to keep young girls from getting pregnant. Maybe it could be used to let kids see there is something outside KTN, and even more, get a bridge to the mainland, I would love to drive to KTN.

Robert Glenn
New York, NY

Received October 28, 2006 - Published October 28, 2006

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