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By Jerilyn Lester


October 25, 2006

I really would like for those naysayers of our bridge to stand in the rain while waiting for the ferry that may or may not get to the town side of the Narrows depending on the weather and if it doesn't have a break down. Then hope that there is a spot to sit inside where it is warm and dry, otherwise you have to stand outside in the weather. Every other place I can think of can get to the airport without having to stand in the weather either by driving directly on a road or taking their existing bridge to the airport. If I am not mistaken we are the only place in the United States, maybe the world, that has to arrive at the airport by ferry boat. Those folks in Anchorage are also against the Alaska Marine Highway for the most part because they don't have to use it to get around. I would really like them all to have to come down here and use this system for a while. Then see how long it would take for a bridge to be built or some other remedy for this problem.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 25, 2006 - Published October 25, 2006

About: "22 year resident of Ketchikan and surrounding area. "


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