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Getting hosed at the pump?
By Wayne Kinunen


October 24, 2006

Dear Editor,

I am currently visiting family in Dallas, Texas. We just filled up the the old gas hog for $1.96.9 a gallon. My last fillup in Ketchikan was at $3.06/gallon. OK, Dallas is close to the oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico. But I discover that prices last summer were similar to Ketchikan's at about $3.30. Prices here (and elsewhere) have dropped more than a dollar a gallon since summer, while Ketchikan prices have come down about 20 cents. Heating oil prices reflect the same discrepency.

This is a real problem to the budgets of many families in our community, particulary as winter amd colder weather sets in. I and, I am sure, many others would like an explanation of these higher rates.


Wayne Kinunen
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 24, 2006 - Published October 24, 2006

About: "25 years in Ketchikan and unfortunately dependant on fossil fuels for mobility and winter comfort."





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