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Promises, Promises: What Do They Mean at UAS?
By Robert D. Warner


October 24, 2006

Dear Viewpoints Editor:

When the UAS Ketchikan Campus Director announced her resignation in April, 2005, the UAS Chancellor said that a nation wide search would be conducted to hire a replacement.

This writer believes that a timely search for a new campus director could have been conducted that spring. The process should have taken about three months for advertising, interviews and selection; a new person could have easily been in place by the beginning of Fall Semester, 2005. Any temporary appointments would have been for a brief period of three or four months at the most.

To the best of my knowledge, no national search has ever taken place. What kind of effort was made to find the best possible candidate for the position? Who was invited to submit a application? What type of training and experience were needed? Where was it advertised? Was any attempt ever made to have a equal opportunity hire?

Were Juneau administrators just being lazy or indifferent to the needs of the Ketchikan Campus? I don't think so.

With a long interim appointment instead of a national search, there was time to make certain that a pre-selected candidate with few qualifications and little experience passed a lutmus test for total loyality to these Juneau bureaucrats. Were they worried that highly qualified candidates for KC Director would quickly identify problems and work for independence/separation from UAS Juneau?

The bottom line is that Ketchikan Campus will remain "dead in the water" as long as it is under the autocratic control of the top heavy Juneau based UAS administration. It certainly looks like more of the same at Ketchikan Campus!!

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 24, 2006 - Published October 24, 2006

About: "34 Year resident of Ketchikan and Retired Ketchikan Campus faculty. "



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