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Lots of Failing Parents
By Rob Glenn


October 24, 2006

I am not sure those who write on Sitnews read the Police blurbs, if they did Ketchikan would realize there is definately a problem with Minors Drinking in that town. Here are the Ketchikan police blurbs..... public record..... Check out some of the ages!

This story happened last week. It is one of probably hundreds around the country and yet there are still people who think it is ok to make excuses for their teens poor behavior. This girl started early and then as an adult has done something tragic.

I wonder if Ms. Newlun would be able to accept her sons responsibility if he did this!

"Taliyah Taylor told police she was high on Ecstasy and "purple haze" marijuana and wanted to go "as fast as I possibly could" when she got behind the wheel Wednesday night.

The Stapleton woman was stark naked, had her headlights turned off, and was going the wrong way on Forest Avenue at a speed of more than 80 mph

And when she slammed into 41-year-old attorney Larry Simon in Mariners Harbor, cutting off his legs and killing him, she didn't even hit the brakes.

Her car only stopped after it hit another vehicle -- injuring the two people inside -- and went airborne, leapt a shopping plaza fence, and landed on its roof. "

Check out her record.... public info.... SUSPECT'S RECORD: A RECIPE FOR DEATH Offenses in Taliyah Taylor's criminal and driving record, according to prosecutors and public records: 1999: Convicted as a youthful offender for possessing a loaded gun and trying to escape police. Dec. 21, 2000: Convicted of drunken driving. Dec. 10, 2002: License suspension for failing to pay a fine on Sept. 27 cleared. Jan. 4, 2005: Convicted of driving without a license and talking on her cell phone. Fined $115. June 3, 2005: Convicted of going 101 mph in a 65 mph zone in Athens, N.Y., and got 8 points on her license. Nov. 24, 2005: License suspended, issued a restricted license five days later. July 31, 2006: License suspended and revoked.

All this from the Staten Island Advance.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY

Received October 22, 2006 - Published October 24, 2006

About: Rob Glen is a former resident of Ketchikan.




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