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Martin and John Bugge
By Pam Grender


October 24, 2006

I was delighted to find your article on the web, regarding my Great Uncle Martin, who my family always referred to as Magnus. My dad was named after Magnus Bugge, my grandmother's brother, who left their Minnesota farmhome to settle in Ketchikan, Alaska. My dad, who is now 84, gave me a wonderful photo album full of pictures saved through the years, by my grandmother. There are pictures of both Magnus and his brother, John Bugge, who was a homestead farmer in Palmer, Alaska.

I was thrilled to find an old photo of my aunt and friends standing on the seawall "dam" at Bugge Beach. There are also pictures of two sod huts, one labeled "Alaska." I know they both built houses eventually, but perhaps one of them started out in a sod hut.

Neither my dad nor I ever had the good fortune to meet these industrious, hearty and colorful men, but your wonderful story has entertained a good number of my family members ever since I happened to discover it. I think we all feel a little closer to Magnus and John, as well as to a place called Ketchikan.


Pam Grender
Temecula, California

Received October 19, 2006 - Published October 24, 2006

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