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Law enforcement in Ketchkan
By Colleen James


October 24, 2006

I would just like to voice my opinion about the last comment written. Going to school for law doesn't make you an expert... I have 2 full years of Medical, and I don't think I am a doctor. You won't see me writing about the hospital just because I have some schooling. Obviously you have never been a single parent. The way you make "raising a child'.. sound easy. Did they teach that to you in Law school too? Have you ever thought that not every person is lucky enough to have both parents (and probably alcohol/drug free at that?). Just because YOU were lucky and didn't get tempted by alcohol. I mean Hey... what a trooper. I am sure you watch the news since your educated and all then you've probably seen where research shows that it isn't native people who have alcoholism problems but its genetic from endorphins. I could go on and on.

On another note of things, I strongly believe that the 'Police' ARE supposed to be here to protect and serve. I also believe that 90% of the force does. Although just like the "Priests" in this day in age, you always have a bad apple. I don't believe they teach people how to be prejudice do they? Now why would they have a Policeman like that on the force? Especially in a Native town. Although this comment is made for a complete different issue, my point being same small town.

Another comment I would like to make. I may NOT consume alcohol/drugs , but if I remember right, didn't we once have a law where marijuana used to be legal? Now it's a felon? That's ludicrous.

I think they should teach Alcoholism & drugs along with MORE psychology courses with "LAW ENFORCEMENT". Then People won't go into the law enforcement with the "ATTITUDE" This is why I CHOSE the Medical field" to actually HELP people.

I will always try to enter a situation as an 'Equal' I will never think I am better than the next person. Meaning I wouldn't prop them up to drop them on their... well you know.

Colleen James
Mill Creek, WA

Received October 24, 2006 - Published October 24, 2006

About: "My Famliy originates from Ketchikan. I am 1/2 tlingit 1/4 Tsimpsian. My famly Still resides there in Ketchikan, as I am down here in Washington going to school, while caring for my family."


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