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RE: Tongass Construction
By Cathy Geer


October 24, 2006

The stretch of road from the Post Office past Best Western is getting worse, I agree.

I have thought of a solution, why doesn't the construction company do some work at night? It might disturb the residents, but if they wear earplugs, they would not hear the construction and it might be over sooner. maybe not...

The core hours when people are going to work and driving home is not the time to tie up the flow of traffic. The potholes have been getting worse the past few days but no one has filled them up. Have the past 4 days been their days off? How much more abuse do our vehicles have to endure? This is costing us all time and money.

What is going on at the corner of Jefferson and Tongass? I realize they must be working on the light, but why are there such gaping holes? Where are the workers and what's the plan? Can't they at least have smoother ramps on and off the construction zones?

I share your frustrations and I want our road fixed too.

I know . . . how about raising the tax a half percent??

As the Good Morning Fairy always says, "Have a Nice Day".

Cathy Geer
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 24, 2006 - Published October 24, 2006

About: "Ketchikan resident who drives Tongass every day."



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