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KGB School Lock-Down
By Anne Lucas


October 24, 2006

Dear Editor,

I'm encouraging the KGB School Board to take a closer look at the lock-down procedures that are occurring in our schools. This kind of bunker mentality is like living in a state of fear each moment - all day.

Doors are required to be shut and locked when students are in the classroom. When there is a knock on the door (which is very often in elementary school), the teacher must interupt instruction to go to the door, inquire who is there and let the person inside. So, the educational process is constantly interupted. Over time, you can expect productivity to decrease, which will be reflected in lower scores on the spring State testing.

Sometimes nobody hears the knock (in the gym, during a active classroom setting, in the large library, etc.), and then the students are locked out. This is frightening for young children. If you are a volunteer helper like I was today, you are locked out of the library, gym, & classrooms always knocking, always interrupting. It's a very unfriendly atmosphere.

I'd like to know where this idea came from. Who was the expert that Mr. Martin consulted? What were his credentials? How has this worked at other schools.

Let's not give in to the threat of terror (which causes fear), and stop this unrealistic, so-called protective procedure now. Let's continue with our lock down drills (threat in the building) and our reverse fire drills (threat on the playground). Add a good anti-bullying curriculum and increase student awareness about their responsibilty to detect and report possible threats. Let s return to a vibrant and productive school atmosphere.

Anne Lucas
Retired Elementary Teacher
School Substitute Teacher and Volunteer
Grandparent of students in Ketchikan Schools
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 23, 2006 - Published October 24, 2006

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