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Irritating Cell Phones
By Emanuel Molho


October 18, 2006

Cell phone (ab)users: unconscious, disrespectful, discourteous and obnoxious. Public transportation and areas; doctors' offices; theaters; restaurants; checkout lines; just about everywhere. In their own dream world walking in the street, or "driving" their cars. Their business, everyone's business. Unable to bear silence or be by, or with, themselves for a moment. Totally oblivious to---and inconsiderate of---their neighbors.

Cell phones will be as ubiquitous in airplanes as they are in places where we are all held captive. These addicts ought to be relegated to their own soundproof cabin, compelled to suffer one another's inanities. For the entire flight.

I, and hopefully those who share these feelings, will give our business to the airlines that have the sense to ban them.

Emanuel Molho
New York, NY

Received October 17, 2006 - Published October 18, 2006

About: "NO expertise on the subjet but equally-irritated by cell phone abusers."


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