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Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility (The DH you may not know we have)
By Dave Timmerman


October 18, 2006

Hey Don Hoff Jr. ...we can all tell by your letters that you have not been in Ketchikan for a very long time. Maybe you should do a little more research before writing any more negative letters (have you ever written a positive one?).

I actually did the work for you on this one and provide the following link for your reading pleasure.

Where will this link lead you? Well to the Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility website. What is this place? Well it is none other than the DH you say we need.

And you know what? People actually work there and everything!

Dave Timmerman
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 18, 2006 - Published October 18, 2006

About: "I have lived in Alaska for 30 years, Ketchikan for 17 of those years. I currently work full-time for the City of Ketchikan, and part-time as an on-call Juvenile Justice Officer at the Ketchikan Regional Youth Facility."


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