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Tongass construction
By Dan Hart


October 18, 2006

I agree with the owners of the Landing about the state of the construction on Tongass.

This is a very busy section of road. Pedestrian traffic is accommodated poorly. Holes in the roadway are dangerous for cars and trucks. Steel plates get moved around exposing holes that would swallow a wheel. The conditions are even worse for motorcycles, because in addition to the aforementioned dangers, there is loose gravel on top of the plates!

I think the citizens that use the section of roadway have been very tolerant and accommodating to the situation. People are very courteous to each other, and to the construction workers.

However, in my opinion, it is time (way past) to get this section taken care of, and back to normal - before tearing up anything else!!!

Dan Hart
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 18, 2006 - Published October 18, 2006

About: Long time Ketchikan resident and citizen who uses the said section of road.


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