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Adults think they know all the answers... But they don't.
By Brigitte Mumma


October 18, 2006

To whom it may concern,

Did you ever think about what your children did? Do you ever look back and say, "yeah I did that too."? You can't go and blame everybody else for the youth today, because you help make it that way too.

You talk about teen parents. But do you really know how hard it is to juggle school, work, a baby, and still have enough money to pay for rent. Not all teens that became pregnant wanted to, and they became parents because they had morals of their own. Morals like "Abortion is wrong." "I made a mistake and now I am paying for it.", etc. And did you ever notice they say "I made a mistake, I am paying for it, but I would never take back having my child. I love them, they are apart of me. Open your eyes.

I am in High School, and there was a girl last year that was pregnant, she was a senior and she went through so much. Kids talked about her behind her back, called her names, threw things at her. But she kept her head up high. She knew that she was doing the right thing by keeping that child.

You don't understand, you as adults don't understand the pressure you put on your children, maybe that is why kids today are doing "bad things". It's called WANTING ATTENTION!

The first thing people like you do is judge before knowing the story. That is why our society sucks. That is why you think you know what is wrong with today's youth. You see the picture on the outside, but you never take time to look into someone's eyes.... which happen to be the window to most people's souls.


Brigitte Mumma
High School Student,
Sacramento, CA

Received October 17, 2006 - Published October 18, 2006

About: "I am an 18 year old student that is currently attending her last year of high school. I know things that most parents do not because I am the youth of today. We have to learn from your mistakes and ours.

I did a research paper about Teen Parents. It was about if they were Accepted or Rejected by society. It was digusting what I found. "




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