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Ketchikan's rehabilitation center
By Bonnie Jean Abbott


October 18, 2006

Dear To Whom it may Concern,

I ran into this site and really could not believe what I had just read!!! I had never seen a rehabilitation center, with such lack of technology, and distressed counselors over the lack of "monies" the Karr House was never given.

They went month to month, barely making the quota, and always giving their all. I know this because I spent 37 days at the Karr House! I was a patient. Addiction is a disease, like cancer, it takes over your body and mind, and makes you feel and believe, you will not have to face your problems in life, you do not have to face family abuse (mentally, sexually, and physically), you don't have to think about your mom dying and the doctors telling you she has one month to six months at the most to live!!! You do not have to face high school bullying, by hanging out with the "cool" crowd, or because you are a follower, like myself.

Patty Fay is one of the best counselors I have ever encountered, and I went to a 10,000 dollar Milum Rehabilitation Center in Portland Oregon! They didn't change my life, in anyway, but Patty did! Going to her Tuesday Classes at Gateway Human Services, during my visit to the Karr House. (This was just 2 years ago.} She is an addict herself (we call ourselves recovering addicts, in Narcotics Anonymous. Patty would go to your home, and knock on your door just to see if you were ok (after working at Gateway all day). She cared and worries about her clients. She has the same "disease all of us addicts have". Staying sober is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, I myself am hitting the 2 year mark very soon! (days :)

Patty saved my life, and she loves what she does for people. This letter should be going to the Governor of Alaska, because Gateway Human Services receives a lot of income monthly, and the Karr House should not look as it does. Karr House shouldn't have 30 year old tv's while Gateway has entirely all new furniture and computers and other technological equipment the Karr House needs.

It makes no sense to me why Ketchikan cannot have a beautiful Rehabilitation center, we have the money, but the City Council thinks addicts are not worth spending money on, and Gateway (not the entire staff, but most of them) know this, and do not care!

Bonnie Jean Abbott
Formerly from Ketchikan, Alaska

Received October 17, 2006 - Published October 18, 2006


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