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Do what's right for people!
By Mary Fay Hemli


October 17, 2006

I was on my way to write a very angry letter to SIT news when I ran into this letter by Jim Sundahl a former police officer.

I find that it is so stupid for the city of Ketchikan to lose the best worker they have ever had in their arsenal of Human Services. They are planning to change the way the clients of the KAR House are handled and do not seem to have one care what is best for the people that have addictive personalities. They care about the bottom line. This is not the land of the freeway. It is still the last frontier, and the women that have done the most to help the people that have problems are being run out of the service that they have given.

Patti Fay Hixock has given her all to the people of this city to help with FAS and addiction. She does not come down on their heads like the bureaucracy does but comes up to them as an equal that has been there.

She started the family day picnic. She went out and talked to people to get donations of food and prizes, cups and plates. She arranged for a place to have it, a microphone to hear it, and a way to get the people there. I know how she worked at this because I got to help. But remember she did not let me do a lot because I have had a stroke and she worried about me. The first few years we hauled all the things needed in her car. Ice from NewTown Hot dogs from Tatsuda's, buns from Sea Mart, Hamburgers from A&P. Now remember we need all the extras, potato chips, mustard, onions. I wonder how many onions she has bought out of her own money and cried over as she cut them up. This was the 8th year of the picnic and they had it with the school picnic. A lot more people made salads and contributed and she didn't have to start at 6 am on a Saturday, for the picnic to be great but the way she did the picnic is the way she has done her job.

Her only thought is what is best for the people of Alaska. She loves this state. And now they are pushing her away. When do we stop caring about the bottom line and do what is right for the people. You don't get rid of a worker that can talk to the clients, whom they LOVE. Whom they will do their best to try to get it right for once in their lives.

If you agree with me send your protest to:

Kathryn Carssow,
Executive Director Human Resources
Gateway Center of Human Services
Ketchikan, AK 99901

Strang name when they want to get rid of the Human part. No Thank you.

Mary Fay Hemli
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 16, 2006 - Published October 17, 2006

About: "Mary Fay, 3rd Generation Alcoholic, Retired bartender, all around street person"


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