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Long Island Herbicide spraying
By Paula Peterson


October 16, 2006

I applaude Viola Burgess for her candide remarks and comments about the Herbicide Spraying of Long Island. As an Elder she is wise and knows the history of her family, clan, and traditions.

It is unbeleiveable to me that a Native Organization, Klukwan Inc., would even think about spraying herbicides on Long Island. They are a group of Native people who have forgotten where they come from. They have forgotten the Traditional and Customary Way of Life of Native People. If I were in a room with these people, I would turn my back to them. They are willingly going to posion this traditional customary use area.

Native people live off the land and the sea. We do not over harvest, but take only the amount we need to feed ourselves, elders, our children, our neighboors, and our friends. Native people continue to barter, so people from Hydaburg that harvest from the land and sea around Long Island will be sharing and bartering with others all over the globe. This is our way; it has been and always will be. I have many friends in Hydaburg who share with me and my community, it is the way.

If Klukwan Inc. is allowed to Spray herbicides on Long Island, all of our backyards will be open to the same thing, not just Prince of Wales Island, but ALL our backyards in Alaska.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. NATIVE AMERICAN PROVERB.

As far as where are our Native Leaders, that is a VERY good question. Have they also forgotten where they come from, that they most likely still have families living in the villages. Shame on them for not standing as Warriors for their people.

Paula Peterson
Kasaan, AK

Received October 13, 2006 - Published October 16, 2006

About: "I am a Tlingit who lives in Kasaan, Alaska - on Prince of Wales Island."


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