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And More... About White Cliff
By Jackie Williams


October 16, 2006

Dear Sitnews,

The Borough Assembly Agenda item 9a, submitted for this Monday, October 16th meeting, regarding the sale of the White Cliff School is not what I as a citizen want. The two options mentioned on the Agenda Statement are that the voters decided not to renovate/remodel the White Cliff School building so let s sell it for $2 million. The vote was about taxation to remodel only... not whether to remodel or sell.

A better way may have been to ask the voters what they want to do with the property as there is another option other than sell or remodel. Perhaps some of us would like to see the artifacts removed from the building to preserve the heritage then clear the lot and make it construction ready for the community s future. This land is paid for but the figure of $4 million to clear the site looms large right now. Maybe there is financial assistance for some part of the clearing expense out there in Grant Land concerning economic development on existing sites. Perhaps some of our local citizens would like to donate to the cause; how about a donation-fundraising booth on the dock so the tourists can voluntarily contribute to the community, every penny would count.

Has the Borough been approached about selling the White Cliff School and is it the school building or the total property all inclusive for the $2 Million asking price? If this building is sold and remodeled it will become a commercial property for profit. What type of business will it house, will there be a zoning change? Maybe some entity would lease the building not only paying enough to cover the owners mortgage but to bring a profit also? Any one could lease the space but the largest entity with the greatest need is the local government/s.

When the two or one consolidated government is ready to build itself a building and maybe include some other uses too will the land to build on be an issue and expense (or an expensive issue)? My belief is this property at this site is more valuable to the community in the long run than selling or remodeling.

Before any action is taken on White Cliff School or any other large expenditure that is not a regular outlay of funds, such as insurance; we/the community should wait until the consolidation vote is finalized; that date is not so far away. If the community becomes consolidated the two governments monies will merge. How will the blending of monies affect major expenditures, for example clearing the White Cliff School Property?

Please, let s allow the issue of White Cliff School and property to rest for now.

To find the Agenda and packet online go to:
departments, clerks, under Resources click Weblink.

Jackie Williams
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 14, 2006 - Published October 16, 2006

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