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That time of Year. . .
By Virginia E. Atkinson


October 12, 2006

Time for mudslinging, witch-hunting, backstabbing, two-facing, empty promises, finger-pointing, the blame-game, name-calling, excuses upon more excuses why you can't do this, you can't do that, why it should be done, why it can't be done, shoulda, woulda, coulda...dragging names through the mud, we could've done this, could've done's your fault, it's their fault, time to throw stones, time for more scandals, and a time to be framed. Yes, it's election time, time to read campaign letters and see who has the best ideas, the most promises, who claims to be better than the other candidate, who can do better, who can spend more for their favorite people, time to take credit for what someone else done, or point fingers at each others when something went wrong.

Isn't it strange how scandals, corruption and conspiracies suddenly on the rise just before an election? Casualities in Iraq are higher than ever? Such a strange coincidence, huh? shows how desparete some candidates are to get into office...they'll say and do anything to get elected. But you know, that thing called Karma: will always be there waiting for its next victim. So you people in Washington need to watch what you say, watch what you do, 'cause it'll always come back to you somehow, regardless of what party you belong to, Karma isn't prejudice and it has no boundaries.

It is so embarrassing how candidates campaign, you hear less of what their issues and concerns are and more finger-pointing and blaming someone else for what goes wrong. To make it even worse, it's just as bad having debates between two candidates and televising it on National TV...them and their; "I'm better than you attitude," grown-up adults acting downright childish. Those debates are nothing but an embarrassment to this country.

Will 'working together' ever exist again in our life-time? America is called: The United States of America, but for many reasons it is divided because of difference of opinion, different race, different beliefs, and different religions. We let these excuses come between us just because of our differnces, and of course, a Lack of Respect for one another's opinion. And the only time Americans are drawn closer together is during a disaster.

If ever the election process changes, it can't be soon enough. It is getting so OLD, BORING and childish to see how candidates conduct their campaigning. I hope it doesn't rub-off on their children, or we'll never see an end to "dirty politics and campaigning."

Virginia E. Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK

Received October 12, 2006 - Published October 12, 2006

About: Long time resident of Metlakatla.


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