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Taxed Out
By Robert McRoberts


October 12, 2006

Well the smoke has pretty much cleared over White Cliff, and it's still there. Some people can not understand. Most of us are taxed out. I am disappointed in a few who had to attack people voicing their opinions. I realize that when you voice your opinion on this site you can not take it back, it's out there. I see how people well get their feelings hurt when you say something about something they want or like. But at least the ones that say something are not afraid to say they care about what's going on. My daughter once ask me why I did not just say what I wanted to say. I couldn't explain why to her. So I started being more direct. Why should we feel bad to tell some one what we think rather than to let it bother us?

White Cliff School should be the new Borough Offices - no major remodel no add ons. Fix what's broken and no more, then new computer lines. Here's why as Terry pointed out: Parking. try to find parking downtown in the summer. In the big cities all the theatrical shows and art shows are downtown because they do not happen during daily hours. There is plenty of parking and it helped other restaurants and parking garages extend their operating time creating more cash flow. That is why I say the Arts Council should be looking at the old hospital site. You can tear it down, start from scratch. Build what we need, not try to make something out of something that is not a good foundation. Then I would not really care if all the money we collect from Ted Faulkner and company was given to the cause. I know we spent money on the ball fields and boat harbors and so on. Just don't try taking it from us in more taxes.

With that said, let's move on. Years ago when the borough first got the disaster money - before it was blown and totally wasted - we could have done so many good things like sewer lines to most of the residences that are draining their drain fields into their neighbors' yards. Every one of us can come up with better plans than the one we used. But since then we have been going down hill. Now the borough has started looking hard to get every dollar they can out of us. Cranked up my taxes and yet nothing has changed. Why hasn't someone been fired for letting Schoenbar get so far behind? I heard they're laughing at us in the capital. Look at this bridge, it so far out there we're wasting time and lots of money. I'm sorry, I am afraid of heights. Come on let's get back to a simple bridge plan. This last plan looked as though Frank is getting really desperate. Just like the gas line deal. How come only the good old boys get to say what we want?

Awhile ago I wrote a letter saying how it could be a gift from God if we could use the bridge money to open up a road out of town - almost two years ago. What have we gotten out of this money yet? Nothing. Not anything at all. If someone had been listening we would be building roads with that money now. Driving to Petersburg and catching the ferry north. Driving to Ketchikan to go south. Camping and hunting. Why no one from Cape Fox Corp. wasn't listening to me concerns me and am not even a shareholder. All their property would be prime real-estate lots. I they only listen to their elders and not some fool on the internet.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that not every one in my neighborhood agrees with me all the time, but they all seem glad I am here.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan AK

Received October 12, 2006 - Published October 12, 2006

About: Long time Ketchikan resident and business owner.



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