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WARS and CONFLICTS - A Republican Legacy?
By James Hanson


October 12, 2006

I'm not certain how you could have added much more spin and distortion to the facts, but try again.

Lincoln started a war? Lincoln outlawed slavery and the North ended up in a war against the South because of it.

Eisenhower sent a few troops to Viet Nam as advisors. Kennedy, a democrat, added more troops, followed by Johnson, a democrat, who sent troops by the hundreds of thousands.

Nixon, a republican, declared an end to the "police action" in Viet Nam and brought the troops home.

I also see where you conveniently left out the part about a democrat bombing Japan with nuclear weapons, twice.

I suggest you try watching the History Channel or maybe go down to your public library and checking out some books before you launch another attack on a political party. Next time, try including all the facts.

I have an excellent example of spin and distortion. While standing in pouring rain during an afternoon in Ketchikan, I could remark to a passerby that the sun is out.

James Hanson
Washington State

Received October 12, 2006 - Published October 12, 2006

About: Former Ketchikan resident.



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