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Police in Ketchikan
By Rob Glenn


October 11, 2006

Sorry to let you know this, but the laws are the same in other states as well. Drugs on school campus are a felony. Some states I believe you are instantly jailed. Never saw that sign "Drug free school zone?"

No matter where you son goes if he does what he is doing in Ketchikan the only difference is he will be going to a court where he does not know the judge.

They say that the first time it is a mistake, if you learn your lesson. If you do it again well then there is more of a problem.

You son seems to be a repeat offender according to your letter. Maybe it is not that the Police have it for your son but that maybe your son is making very poor choices.

Drinking and Driving kills more people ages 16-30 then any thing else. Do you want your son dead, or risking the possibility of killing or injuring some one else? Could you live with that? I don't see your son getting much sympathy when everyone in the community is at risk with your son's behavior.

Many kids have single parents but they are not in constant trouble with the law.

You need to tell your son it is time to become a man and step up to being an adult. Or he will find himself in trouble anywhere he goes.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY

Received October 10, 2006 - Published October 11, 2006

About: "Rob lived in Ketchikan for 3 years"


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