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Mark Folley - a premeditated deliberate PREDATOR.
By Lynne Miller


October 11, 2006

Predatory actions of grown adults are crafty indeed. Cloistering one's self as priests, boy scout leaders, lawyers, doctors, U.S. Congressmen, school teachers. Man, woman it makes no difference, they choose to lurk in all areas of society. The common thread however is not one of sexual orientation or political preference, as is being so casually thrown out in the instance of Congressman Foley, it is their desire to deceive under the guise of being responsible, caring and concerned professionals entitled to have ready access to unsuspecting innocent youths for suspect purposes. It is NEVER okay to prey on children and the fact that a U.S. Congressman did so while he chose to be co-chairman of the U.S. House's Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children should sicken every American, irregardless of political affiliation and not be the incorrect impetus for turning this important issue of predators and predatory actions into a discussion in regard to political preference or sexual orientation. Who cares what political party Mr. Foley represented. If he preyed upon children that is his crime, not his being Republican or Democrat and surely it has nothing to do with being homosexual. So Mr. Foley should be held totally and completely responsible for his unacceptable actions. In fact it is only through seeing him as the predator he truly is that we understand why he did what he did and why we should investigate fully and completely his entire political career span to seek out any and all victims of his that may still be unaccounted for. In addition anyone who knew specifically about Mr. Foley AT ANY POINT in the process of his seeking out teenage pages or other child victims should be held equally responsible. The actions of the person or persons who cooperate with a child predator by being their willing accomplice are just as unacceptably damaging to innocent children.

Lynne Miller
Portland, Oregon

Received October 10, 2006 - Published October 11, 2006

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