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RE: Law enforcement in Ketchikan
By Jessica Mathews


October 11, 2006

I read your letter with deep sadness for the loss of potential for the son you longed for as a mother. I can't begin to know how you must feel to believe that your dreams for him are dashed. I hope that he endeavors to do great things.

That said, I felt you were directing your comments to the wrong place, the police in this town are protecting me and mine from reckless, dangerous people who fail to abide by the rules and laws that have been enacted. I welcome their involvement and wave to them whenever I see them.

Everyone has a choice, your son, you and me. I choose to follow the law because that is how I want to live my life and I am aware there are consequences if I don't. I prefer to follow the law because I have better things to do with my time. If after the first time I failed to learn well, shame on me. I agree people can get in a cycle or rut and find a hard time digging out of it. It is called character development.

If I am wrong, I am, I take my lumps and move on, smarter for learning what not to do. People who consume alcohol when they shouldn't can't really complain if they get caught. Same for any other law violation. They are coming to the attention of the authorities because of their behavior. It sounds like to me that several factors are at play in your situation and since your son is 21 you can now inform him he is an adult in every sense of the word and should act like it. If he doesn't well there is that choice thing again.

I will not comment about your perceptions of the judicial system, law enforcement or correctional officers in this community except to say that there are two sides to every story and your information is not first hand, has been clouded with alcohol, and unlawful behavior.

Some of the best people I know go to work everyday to keep this town the nice little Mayberry you think it should be. There are many sides to Ketchikan and the majority of people feel they are in a good town. The darker segment isn't something most people care to see or even know exists.

As for things to do Lord knows there are so many things to do in this town, expensive and free, I can't do them all. There are many groups in this town to help youth; churches, sports, the arts, mentors, big brothers/big sisters. Some people--even youth--complete community service projects as a way to give back not as an order of the Court.

I don't go into victim stance much b/c I prefer to deal with problems head on and not point blame at others that are doing their jobs. You can move to Iowa if you wish and you can bid your son well, as he is an adult. But for a town this size and on an island, I will never say we are in a police state, targeted or lack for things to do. I have great freedoms here, just staggering the gifts this area offers and heck what is a little rain anyway?

To the law enforcement and correctional officers of this town, thank you for doing a very hard job, with little thanks and much criticism. As for me, I'll be waving.

Jessica Mathews
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 11, 2006 - Published October 11, 2006

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