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Seniors are Elders.
By Ken Lewis


October 08, 2006

In the native community the term Elders brings forth the asset of wisdom. I like that form of respect. I find it a bit presumptuous and near arrogant for any groups whose median age fall short of senior (Elder) status to speak for them. This would apply to any multi group's forming with a similar special interest speaking on behalf of Elders. Some old guys may rather be at a national league playoff game than a play. Or on a field trip to Vegas than playing Bingo. I will escort them, if they want a volunteer. Because I care!

If it is Elders we wish to involve, help or please, consider my progressive concept.

Let the Elders form two groups, Guys and Gals. Let these two groups take funds raised through a half penny sales tax and distribute/manage them to non profit-like groups. Let's rely upon their wisdom which projects will best benefit this community. If Girl Scouts/ Boy Scouts need assistance building an outpost, or the arts need a kiln or homeless need a hitting cage, or Big Bro's Big Sis's start a make a wish foundation, etc, etc. - go before the council of the WISE. But what ever we do, do not let the females or males have control of any more than half the pot. The reason for this is: Old guys may think heated box seats at a high school football game rate higher than quilting tables to the Gals. Use their wisdom to pave the way to a better community and recognize the diversity of Male and Female priorities. Forget this metro sexual-unisex-spandex pants for all, new millennium thing.

I would vote yes for this type of taxation! Not only would our infrastructure for programs benefit, I believe it would give our Elders a sense of involvement, importance, and feel welcome to all they grant requests of. Not to mention old timers would get a whole bunch of rump kissing visitors. Talk about holding the cards.

I will return to ghost writing Hall-Mark Cards that incessantly get rejected.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received October 05, 2006 - Published October 08, 2006

About: "I hope to be wise someday and know what I want, without whipper snappers telling me."


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