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Election 2006 Stars aligned?
By Alan Bailey


October 08, 2006

The last election all I heard was how the stars were aligned because everybody was from the same party so a lot would be accomplished. Well that wasn't all together true. The old folks got shafted; Numerous Village Police Officers lost their jobs so rural folks were pretty much on their own except when the Troopers came in after the crime; City governments received substantial cuts which adversely effected direct services while state executives got hefty pay raises; Education became an issue year four of a four year term; We ended up with a jet that cost about $1,000 an hour more to run on fewer runways; Numbers of republican politicians are now under FBI investigation; and, I believe the gas line is a distant future unless we elect someone with experience and knowledge about the oil industry.

I think when one is aligned toward an oncoming freight train, it might be a good idea to review your position. Party alignments offer no guarantees to effective representation. It is neither a great idea to learn the governor's job through OJT. I truly can't say where Ms. Palin stands at any given meeting and I am not impressed by her credentials or political history. If you want, check out her background while working as the Mayor of Wasilla - the campaigners may be exaggerating her successes. Anybody know who her police chief was? If that wasn't political I don't know what is, and if that is the kind of appointments we can expect, we can expect another long four years. I do not buy "New, Fresh Ideas" from the campaign of Ms. Palin because that is a campaign slogan and I have yet to hear specifics.

We are in a period of time when experience is greatly needed. Tony Knowles has that experience and is specific about the direction of Alaska's future. He is a veteran who actually has a plan to help the families of Alaska's soldiers. Palin disagrees but will show up to parades. Sorry, but they need more than a smile.

I don't want to feel good just to be disappointed again about the Governorship. I don't want promises, I want specific plans and a history of experience.

Just give me a leader who has a proven history of working for all Alaskans. I believe Tony Knowles is that person.

Alan Bailey
Ketchikan, AK

Received October 07, 2006 - Published October 08, 2006

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