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By Pete Ellis


October 04, 2006

Now that our local citizen voters have spoken and wisely said NO it is time to re-assess and proceed to put together a new package to satisfy the needs that everyone recognizes so that we can shortly vote YES.

Whitecliff comes down as a result of total demolition and the entire area becomes available for first level covered parking in the manner of Valley Park. On upper levels space is provided for the presently contemplated needs and any others that were neglected in the concept. The new public library goes on the top floor with it's Tongass Narrows view. Parking and visitor access to all floors provided pursuant to terraces on the Second Avenue side.

The planned library downtown location is developed as a new local and state government building in order to consolidate presently spread out state offices and so that both the borough and city offices can move with their spaces to be utilized for tourist shop rental and traffic. The theme is location - location - location. Proximity to other downtown offices and the state office building should be a paramount concern and a more proper use of the old high school site.

Sales tax ordinances are revised to exempt residential furnace oil, residential rent and groceries and sales over $1,000.00 during only the winter months at a lower sales tax rate with a higher rate and no exemptions to apply from May through September. We can thus try to concentrate our local resident purchases during these winter months.

Pete Ellis
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received October 04, 2006 - Published October 04, 2006

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