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One Nation Under Greed
by Martha Leftwich


October 04, 2006

I am not proud to be an American because of the honorable deeds of the 21st Century, but because I can remember a time when honor and trust meant something.

I remember when God was a subject Christians taught their children and they taught them to respect the name Of God.

His name wasn't used by politicians to deceive the voters, nor did the churches use the house of God to promote politics.

Ministers were considered people who taught and counseled others about God; they used the Bible as their text book.

They didn't stand behind the pulpit and blaspheme the very word of God by using his name to promote their own personal political agenda.

Politics were not preached in church; they preached from the Bible and did not use it to sanctify a certain political party.

I am proud to be an American because I remember a time our Constitution meant something.

When Lawmakers took an oath and did their best to not break that oath; they did the best they could to listen to the ones that voted for them and abide by their wishes.

I remember a time when Lawmakers were concerned with preserving the respect of this nation rather than claiming to act as God's emissary.

I am giving tax breaks to the wealthiest of the wealthy because that is what God wants me to do. Never mind the fact that it will rob the veterans, students, the homeless, the sick, the hungry, and the poor. And I am doing this because God wants me to do it.

I am tired of political leaders using the God I was taught to love, respect, and honor to deceive the voters into thinking they have done the right thing by voting for them.

I am proud to be an American but I am ashamed of what our political figures have made it.

Our Constitution has been trashed by their lust for power. Our highest leader was heard making the very profane statement that our Constitution was nothing but a bleep bleep piece of paper! He is the one who claims God told him to go to war with Iraq.

I am tired of hearing our governor say he did things because he knew God wanted him to do it. Yet he won't come clean about the money he took from funds laundered through THE CHRISTIAN COALITION. That was OK though because that was money raised in the name of God.

I am tired of hearing certain Candidates say their opponents are just too liberal to serve as a leader, yet they have given billions of dollars away to huge corporations. And in return they have benefited by receiving millions in campaign donations. That's Ok though because they are running their campaign in the name of God.

I am not sure what to which God they are referring. The God I believe in is not a God that taught me to exploit the poor or use his name to gain power. I believe in a God that taught me to trust him and not trust those that use his name to deceive people. My God is kind and loving and he taught me to think all people are equal in his eyes.

When in doubt I read the Bible because there I can find the truth. I know I won't find it in a few verses the politicians pick to convince me to vote for them.

Proverbs teaches me to seek wisdom, and that is what I do. I investigate the background of the candidates. I look to see if they have lied to the voters. I then make my decision based on what they have done in the past.

My Bible teaches me to not lie. There is an old saying that one lie leads to another.

I suggest that the people return to reading their Bible and take it as a whole rather than letting ministers and politicians take it out of context and brain wash them into believing that America should be a nation of greed and power.

Yes I am proud to be an American because I believe God's love, peace, and compassion will prevail.

Martha Leftwich
Weaver AL - USA




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