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An Uninvited Houseguest
By Kim Butler


October 04, 2006

It's the beginning of October in south eastern Pennsylvania and the weather is just starting to change. The nights are much cooler and the time for nesting will soon be settling in. However, in the Philadelphia area tree hollows and old barns are few and far between. So sometimes, I've learned the hard way, an animal just may decided to "nest and settle-in" inside your home.

It all started the other night while I was lying in bed reading a good book. I heard a noise. Simple as that, a noise with no threats or worries. At first, I didn't give the infamous scratching and ruffling too much mind. It is fall after all and my windows were open. When the noise continued and grew with intensity, I decided enough was enough so, I went to investigate. I only had on my reading lamp at my bedside table, so I got up to turn on the larger lamp in my bedroom. Before I even had both feet on the floor, something dark and fuzzy peeking out of the drop ceiling in my bedroom caught my eye. Too scared to walk across the room (I was afraid that the bat-like creature would jump on me) I opted to grab the flashlight next to me instead and stood on my bed for a close look. To my horror, there was a flying squirrel watching me! I flashed the light in its eyes and, as best I could without panicking, tried to shoo the creature away. Nothing I did worked. My fear grew when the uninvited house guest decided to jump to the floor! I almost passed out with anxiety when I saw the animal swoop in the air and then scurry through my room! He was so bold and certainly not afraid of me! At this point, my roommate hears my screams for help and comes to my rescue. He got me safely out of the room and locked himself in to see if he could scoop the animal into a net. Would you believe he never got it! I "slept" downstairs on the couch that night and listened to my new "roommate" run around my room and in the walls. I didn't get much rest however because all I could think about was what was going on up there.

To date, I've learned the animal is a flying squirrel and he has not yet been captured. He's still out on the prowl and seems to find my house the best playground on the block. I have 3 humane traps set out with the hopes of luring him into a snack of bread and peanut butter, at which point I will safely transport him to the woods 20 miles away. Wish me luck!

Kim Butler
Norristown, PA - USA

Received October 03, 2006 - Published October 04, 2006

About: "I'm a regular Philadelpia area girl. I enjoy nature and life outdoors. However, I have no expertise in the area...just my own "close encounter of the squirrel kind""


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