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Some words of Thanks
By Gregory Vickrey


October 04, 2006

I write this [10/03/06] not knowing the outcome of the elections on October 3rd.

It has been my pleasure to feel the pulse of this community during these weeks of campaigning. So many of you have taken the time to write emails, read my website, and state your support when you've seen me on the street or at gatherings. I would like to collectively thank all of you.

Your perspectives have enlightened me in fantastic ways, and I will continue to pursue them, win or lose.

No matter the outcome, I will keep up and running as a place to share your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and questions.

And you can always email me directly:

I also want to thank the other candidates in the Borough Assembly race.

To Dick Coose: While we may be very far apart today about how to make Tongass timber sustainable, I do believe there will be opportunities in the future to define it in such a way that all interests of the forest are balanced and healthy. I look forward to being at that table with you when that time comes. And I thank you for campaigning on the issue of civic participation - so important to all facets of governement.

To Gus Gustafson: I am grateful to get to know you during this race, and look forward to working with you as a Saxman representative at the least, if not in both governmental roles.

To Dave Kiffer: I thank you for your last three years of service, and appreciate your willingness to communicate with me these last few weeks. No matter the outcome of this race, I will enjoy continuing our working relationship.

To Mike Salazar: As mayor you respected my right to speak fully and candidly at assembly meetings, and for that I am grateful. However defined our relationship come the 3rd, I look forward to further discussion of the issues with you, no matter the differences in point.

To George Tipton: Your preparedness is never substandard, and that is an admirable trait. I want to also say thanks for helping to move the discussion of power beyond the Intertie - diversification of options is certainly in our community's best interests.

Finally, I thank everyone who takes the time to vote this and every election. Voting is the most crucial component of daily citizenship.

Stay in touch.

Gregory Vickrey
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received October 03, 2006 - Published October 04, 2006

About: "Gregory Vickrey is/was a candidate for Borough Assembly, is quite grateful for the emails and support he has received throughout his campaign, believes in the power of the people, hopes to hear from you often win or lose, and admires the spirit of this place. He is a good dad to two dogs, is a struggling soccer player, and loves to play with math."




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