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Seniors Still need a New Building
By Dan McQueen


October 04, 2006

Now that the local election is over it's time to think about our Seniors. They need a new building. Their OWN new building! I think that our only choice is to tear down the White Cliff school. Haul the old school to our landfill and build our Seniors a brand new state of the art building for just them. One story. Easily accessed by all Seniors. Built large enough to have a Galley-Mess hall and another room for meetings and their activities.

It seems to me that I heard somewhere that the new Fawn Mountain School was built and in use for not much more than what the demolition of White Cliff would cost. Our Seniors have done a lot for Ketchikan and this area. Let's give them a brand new building we can be proud of.

This is my opinion.

Dan McQueen
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received October 04, 2006 - Published October 04, 2006

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