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White Cliff Center is a great idea!
By Margaret Antonsen


October 02, 2006

Dear Editor,

What a great idea! The White Cliff Center is a great idea for a number of reasons:

1) It provides a place for senior citizens that is not in isolation. What could be worse than to have a Senior Center where they (we) do not interact with people of all ages? The White Cliff Center would provide them (us) with a place that is their own and a place that they can contribute and interact with other organizations of this community;

2) There is adequate parking;

3) Many of our historic buildings have been lost or altered beyond historical recognition: Main School - gone; Spruce Mill- gone; the Marine Ways - gone; the High School - transformed; even Ketchikan bars are now jewelry stores. An Alaskan town that is just tour shops is not an Alaskan town but a tourist mall. We need to save some of our historic buildings for our sense of identity and as places of interest for visitors.

Please support our elder citizens. Support the year round residents of Ketchikan. Vote "yes" for the Propositions #1 & #2.


Margaret Antonsen
Ketchikan, AK - USA

Received October 02, 2006 - Published October 02, 2006

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