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Sea lion released back into the wild


October 19, 2005
Wednesday AM

Coast Guard aircrew from Kodiak transported a sea lion named Boardwalk from Anchorage to Juneau Monday afternoon. She was released back into the wild off Benjamin Island 20 miles north of Juneau.

jpg sealion

Coast Guard Petty Officer David Matthes guides a caged Stellar sea lion out of a C-130 aircraft with the help of a forklift.
Official Coast Guard photo by
Petty Officer Christopher D. McLaughlin

Boardwalk was discovered in Haines, Alaska on June 22. She was hauled out on a dock looking emaciated and lethargic. An initial exam revealed she was underweight, severely dehydrated, had high parasite loads, conjunctivitis and a series of severe puncture wounds along her neck.

The Alaska SeaLife Center received Boardwalk on the night of June 23. The veterinary staff began rehabilitating her with the administration of antibiotics, anti-parasitics, topical therapy and lots of fish. Boardwalk doubled her weight and received surgery to repair her neck wounds.

With all of her infections and ailments treated she was cleared for release and fitted with a satellite tag so Alaska SeaLife Center staff could monitor her progress.

"We really appreciate the efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard," said Jason Wettstein, spokesperson for the Alaska SeaLife Center. "The Coast Guard's job encompasses protecting Americans, our coasts and just once in a while helping us return a very special patient like Boardwalk to a safe home."



Source of News & Photograph:

United States Coast Guard


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