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Dividends to be Deposited on Wednesday
Governor urges Alaskans to keep needs of children in mind


October 11, 2005
Tuesday PM

The 2005 Permanent Fund Dividend checks will be deposited in the bank accounts of Alaskans who selected the direct deposit option on Wednesday, October 12th. Checks will be mailed beginning October 26th for all others.

"As we approach the time of year when Alaskans receive their annual dividend checks, I encourage Alaskans to think about the wise decisions made in the past that have resulted in these checks today," said Governor Frank H. Murkowski. "Especially in a year that saw the passing of the 'Father of the Dividend,' Gov. Jay Hammond, it is appropriate to reflect on the benefits of our natural resources and the way those resources work to improve the quality of life for Alaskans."

The governor noted the tremendous economic impact of the dividend program on Alaska. This year, $372.1 million will be transferred to Alaska banks and credit unions on Wednesday through direct deposits. Nearly 73 percent of Alaskans receive their dividends through direct deposit.

Murkowski also encouraged parents to keep their children's interests foremost in mind when contemplating how to use the dividend.

"Parents have a unique opportunity and an important responsibility when determining how to use their dividends and the dividends of their children," said the governor. "Ultimately, it is a parental decision. Some families need the dividend to meet basic needs, others can save the dividend for their children's education. No matter what the family circumstance, I would encourage parents to use the dividend in ways that provide the most benefits for their children."

The governor also noted the potential impact of a natural gas pipeline on the Permanent Fund and the dividend.

"We are negotiating an Alaska Gasline contract that will have many benefits for Alaska - one benefit is increased deposits to the Permanent Fund," said Murkowski. "As these negotiations near completion, Alaskans should know that our negotiating team is working to protect the interests of Alaskans and to ensure maximum benefit to the Permanent Fund."


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